Bassem, Graphic Designer

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Bassem Mohammed Nagah

Senior Graphic Designer / Photographer / Multimedia Artist

About Me
  • I studied in the UAE from childhood until high school.
  • Systems Technology, Computer Engineering, Hardware, and Software in Cairo. After graduation,I started working for a major advertising company in the Emirates. This prompts me to learn more about Marketing Channels and Graphic Design.
  • Photography is one of my best hobbies.
More about me

I offer a wide range of creative designs aimed

at simplifying your life

Multimedia Design

Landscape Photography

Event Photography

Creative Videography

My goal is always to add value to my clients as well as deliver results that exceeds expectations.

Multimedia Graphic Designer
  • I am a professional graphic designer with a solid design portfolio and with a multi-disciplinary background that includes photography & videography.
  • In addition, I have a wide experience in creating visual concepts, layout, and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporates and Bank’s annual reports.


Sample Mockup Design

Creative Design
It delves into people’s minds to come up with concepts that are compatible with the modern lifestyle.

Creative design is a part of life and innovation is the concept of communicating with people and the world, which is in line with the lifestyle.

“Photography is a way of feeling, touching, and loving. What I have captured from a beautiful moment is forever … until we remember it, after a long time.”

Bassem MohammedGraphic Designer


I heavily managed projects for the following accounts:


Creative Designs

I have extensive experience designing advertisements, brochures, brands, magazines, and annual reports for banks and companies.

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