Bassem, Graphic Designer

Slide Multimedia designer / Photographer & Videographer

Bassem Mohammed Nagah

Senior Graphic Designer / Photographer & Videographer

A brief about me

• I studied in the UAE from childhood until high school.
• Systems Technology, Computer Engineering, Hardware, and Software in Cairo.
After graduation, I started working for a major advertising company in the Emirates. This prompts me to learn more about Marketing Channels and Graphic Design.
• Photography is one of my best hobbies.

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    I offer a wide range of designs aimed at simplifying your life

    Multimedia Design

    Creative Photography

    Nature Photography

    Creative videography

    My job is to exceed expectations

    • As a Multimedia Graphic Designer
    • I am a professional graphic designer with a solid design portfolio and with a multidisciplinary background that includes photography & videography.
    • In addition, I have a wide experience in creating visual concepts, layout, and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate annual reports.